Breath and Awareness - Pranayam and Meditation

Prova på: Gratis prova på den 10 november kl. 13-14.
Dropin: Fyra torsdagar från 14 november kl. 17.30-18.30.
Welcome to the yogic science of controlled breath and the art of meditation.

By consciously breathing and regulating the flow of your breaths, this ancient practice helps one unfold self-awareness, heightens levels of energy, all the while, releasing stress from our bodies and mind.

The study of regulated breathing exercises has a direct effect on your physical and mental energies, heightening vitality and stability.

Pranayam helps prepare your nervous system for meditation practice, where you experience directly the source from where your breaths, thoughts, actions are arising. Through singing sacred mantras, focused observation and deep absorption, new insights, clarity and rejuvenation arise. Your entire system becomes refreshed.

Meditation/Pranayam are powerful tools in this ancient energic system of Yoga. The goal is unity within yourself, freedom and oneness.

Praktisk Information

Tider: Fyra torsdagar från 14 november kl. 17.30-18.30 (drop-in). Gratis prova på den 10 november kl. 13-14.
Pris: 140 kr/gång eller 400 kr för alla fyra gångerna. Betala kontant eller med Swish.
Plats: Hälsovinden Läkerum, Strömstad.
Anmälan: Mejla till eller per telefon 070-889 15 17.

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